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Embedded Solutions

For embedded solutions development we provide expertise and excellence in every phase and function of the product development and deployment. Within the embedded solutions vertical we provide a multitude of services from Linux Kernel engineering to Custom Android build development, firmware development, SIP stack implementation and much more listed below.

Matellio has proven expertise in following heads when it comes to embedded systems:

  • Embedded System
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) & VoIP Telephony

Embedded System

Embedded Platform Engineering include system design, BSP/device driver development, middleware/framework development and operating system bring-up (Board Bring-up). The unique services also include end-to-end system integration including hardware-software integration and validation as well as test automation, thereby covering the complete project lifecycle. Matellio has deep expertise in embedded development specifically when it comes to Low memory foot print devices

Some of our Services Include:

Platform Migration

Platform migration services include Porting of Embedded Applications, Protocols and Device Drivers across hardware platforms, wide range of Operating Systems and Kernel versions and O.S porting on new hardware platforms.

Embedded Platform Software Development and Enhancement

It covers OS framework Enhancements and Customization, Linux Kernel Enhancement, Protocol Development & Integration, High Availability (HA) enabling.

Board Bring-up

  • Bootloader Porting & Customization,
  • Kernel Potting & Customization,
  • Required Device Driver Development under sub systems (PCIe, USB, platform, I2C, SPI etc...)
  • Development and Testing of power management for the devices and processor on the system.
  • Development of modules for enhancements in Kernel as per the need for debugging.

Application Framework / Middle Ware Development

This includes API design and development, platform service customization, tool chain development etc.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart Home Enabling Software

Matellio team has vast experience in design and development of multimedia enabling software which include VoIP IMS stack, Media Streaming stack development and Multimedia codecs.

Connected Vehicle Software

Connected Car Solution enables users to remain connected to the external world.
We have deep domain expertise in advanced technologies such as Gesture Control for Rear Seat Entertainment, Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication, and Vehicle to Control Room Communication.

Device Driver Migration Expertise

The team has deep expertise in driver migration to new hardware and OS platform specifically Linux kernel based OS.

IMS and VoIP Telephony

Matellio has got vast experience in IMS and VoIP based telephony product design and development.

It includes complete IMS and VoIP client software design and development and porting onto embedded products ranging from Miners helmet to High end Smart phones.

In this domain some of our expertise include

  • Complete Framework solution design and development,
  • Media engine framework design and development,
  • Media Codec enhancements.

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